Thursday, May 8, 2008


Years ago, before marriage and kids, I used to keep journals. I still write, on occasion, for my own pleasure, but in recent years this writing is mostly scattered across email conversations I've had with family and friends. The nice thing about the meat-space journal was that at least it was all accessible in one place (not to mention all the other obvious advantages of a real notebook). The downside of writing in a notebook, well.. is that only you read it.

I don't know if this journal will find an audience. I hope it will, but if it doesn't, the thought that my kids might one day read whatever crap I wrote here is enough to sustain me. That the digital footprint we leave behind in our lives is for posterity, I think, is an under-appreciated facet of online activity.

This will hardly qualify as a blog. Little that I write, I suspect, will be timely. Nor will it likely be focused on any few topics. This is more like an online notebook..
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